More Christmas Trivia | Where did Christmas Stockings come from?

Where did the hanging of Christmas stockings over the
hearth get its start? Legend has it that a wealthy widower squandered his
money away until he had lost it all and was left poor and
destitute. Sadly, this left his three young and beautiful daughters
without any dowries. 

Saint Nicholas, hearing of their misfortune, wanted to help the
girls. He secretly came to their house at night and threw tiny nuggets of
gold down their chimney. Luckily, the girls had hung their stockings by
the fire to dry and so the stockings caught the falling gold. Now, each
year, little children hang their own stockings above their chimneys, waiting to
see what Saint Nick will put into their stockings! christmas stocking card

Because of the legend of Saint Nicholas, Santa has become an icon of Christmas. Christmas 
cards featuring his jolly face are very popular. I must also take this
opportunity to let you know that we also have some Christmas
depicting the Christmas stockings hanging from the traditional


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