How did the tradition of Christmas caroling get started?

During the Middle Ages in England
and France,
carols were actually dances that were accompanied by singing. For example, the
French Midi, the "Carol" was s kind of round dance. Over time, the
word "Carol" changed its meaning, referring only to certain kinds of

The Anglo-Saxon tradition favored gathering small choirs together on the village
green to sing carols and Christmas songs for the pleasure of those passing by.
A number of our currently popular American Christmas carols came directly from France
and England.

Over time someone came up with the idea and excuse for gathering a crowd of
friends in a neighborhood to go around and sing favorite carols at different
houses and end up an a host’s house for hot chocolate.

Some artists have taken the Christmas caroling theme and made some Christmas
featuring carolers all wrapped up in warm coats and knitted scarves.
While not real common, Christmas caroling is a tradition that is still alive
and well in the US.

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