Live Nativity-Making Christmas Feel Like Christmas

Where I grew up there was a car dealership that every Christmas built a real looking manger and brought in live animals. I’m talking sheep, donkey’s, and everything except for the camel. Then one year it just stopped. Apparently they stopped because a women claimed a manger animal bit her finger and she threatened to sue the dealership. No one witnessed the biting and no skin or bone was even broken. For all we know she could have bit herself. I guess the dealerships determined it was too much of a liability and never had the nativity again. It’s kind of silly how after so many years, a one time event and something so trivial could ruin it for everyone. From that point on I realized Christmas never felt complete until I saw a real live nativity scene. I didn’t really notice this was significant to me until it was gone. This became even more noticeable to me after I stopped believing in Santa Clause. I hadn’t seen another live nativity scene ever since that eventful year. Then something wonderful happened.

The other day I was thinking to myself “I really need to find a live nativity scene to make this Christmas feel real”. That very night I went to a little unique Christmas village for the first time and saw a sign. The sign read “Live Nativity – Friday and Saturday”. Isn’t that strange how those things seem to happen when we were just thinking of it. Or how we start thinking of someone we haven’t seen for years and then we run into them within the same day or week.

Anyhow the Nativity was wonderful. It not only had live animals, but it was an actual performance with amazing attire and incredible singers. They went “all the way”.

Thanks for joining us in our photo Christmas cards blog today.

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