Reindeer Kids and Wheelchair Sleigh

Today while searching for creative ideas for photo Christmas cards, I ran into the perfect article written by a lady with some very funny ideas. She sounds like a hoot and by the sounds of it, would be a fun person to be around. Her husband and kids must be pretty neat people too to go along with her ideas.

Last year for Christmas she and her family went to the edge of the woods and dressed up as a Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. Are you wondering how someone could dress up as a sleigh? Apparently her husband was in a wheelchair and the wheelchair was “transformed” into the sleigh. The kids then dressed up as reindeer. Unfortunately I can’t remember if she was a reindeer or if she was Mrs. Claus. Nevertheless, they were suppose to look like Santa’s sleigh out in the woods on his journey to deliver gifts. She says they had a blast doing it, which brings me to my next thought.

If you decide to do something like this, remember to make it fun! You’re not just taking a picture, you’re creating memories. If it’s not fun, then what’s the point? It’s ok to show some character in the pictures :0)

Join us tomorrow for some more ideas and stories about photo Christmas cards.

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